The Andriotis family emigrated from Greece when Strat was four years old. Originally Strat started on piano at age 11 and received lessons in classical piano for four years. After listening to bands like Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience Strat fell in love with the guitar. Spending a good part of his middle teens playing in rock bands. It wasn’t until the age of seventeen when he bought Miles Davis’ “In A Silent Way” album that Strat started to change his approach to making music and his playing. Now incorporating scales and jazz chords he became immersed in complex patterns and changes.After a three year stint with the rock band Eleven Degrees which included two singles that received airplay across North America and Europe and a showcase gig in Daytona Beach Florida for major record companies Strat was ready to divert into a new adventure. The early nineties found Andriotis delving into complex arrangements which was highlighted with D-Form and Strat Andriotis and Tom Carney recordings. The renegade D Form album review in the Hamilton Spectator. “Andriotis’s guitar playing highlights this trio”.

Andriotis recorded three albums with pianist Tom Carney.The duo’s music was stripped downd to nylon guitar and piano with some samples. The first album which the Toronto Star called “surprisingly enigmatic” received airplay in the U.S and Canada. The following two albums received moderate airplay on CBC’s Discdrive radio show. At that point Strat had not played the electric guitar in nearly seven years.

It was time for another rock venture. Released in 2004 the album “Nice” was recorded. Blending rock, jazz, classical into a hard rock idiom. “Nice” received airplay locally. His guitar playing caught the eye of promoter Lou Molinaro and in 2007 asked Strat to join a band featuring Albert Bouchard (original Blue Oyster Cult drummer). At the same time Strat was working another project (XXX Sublimator) with drummer Roger Banks featuring keyboardist Jim Gilmour (Saga) and bass icon Tony Levin (John Lennon, Peter Gabriel) who played on four tracks.

In 2010 Strat had come full circle. Listening to an array of classical music which included Pagannini to Erik Satie to Beethoven Andriotis practised guitar for hours a day composing songs for his new venture. “Under” is the single to his new album Liars Incorporated released in May 2014.

In 2016, Guitarist/Composer Strat Andriotis has returned with a follow up album to Liars Incorporated titled Less Off Patient. Eleven breath taking tracks in the new contemporary classical instrumental genre. With Jeff Vidov on piano and Adrianna Lee on violin.

May 19, 2018 New album from Strat Andriotis entitled “Night Manager” to be released August 28, 2018.This album features jazz rock violin icon Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra) as special guest artist. Also, Grammy Award winning Jazz Pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba to play on the track “Song 21” Stay tuned!! More details to come as the album gets closer to the release date.

Influenced by the great jazz guitar legends from Django Reinhardt to John McLaughlin, Greece-born / Canadian-based guitarist Strat Andriotis is making waves in the music world with his 2016 CD entitled Less Off Patient. The follow up to Strat’s critically acclaimed 2015 CD, Liars Incorporated. Featuring eleven original tracks of enchanting instrumental guitar music, blending Gypsy Jazz and Neoclassical music, on Less Off Patient, Strat is joined by his trio mates Adrianna Lee (violin) and Jeff Vidov (piano).

In 2015 Strat Andriotis released the award winning Liars Incorporated a contemporary classical album that soars with emotion. The guitarist brought along Jeff Vidov on piano and Katie Avery on violin. Recorded at Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton Ontario by Bob Doidge (U2 Joshua Tree) whose wonderful recording of the song brings the sound it deserves.

From 1995 to 2000, Strat released three albums with Tom Carney (First, Duo and Tria) which received airplay in the Jazz/Classical genre in the U.S and Canada. Strat has also recorded with Tony Levin (John Lennon, Peter Gabriel) Albert Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult) Jim Gilmour (Saga).

We hope you enjoy the technical prowess of Strat’s guitar playing which delivers speed and harmony to your ears.